Entertainment Key Word Domain Names

Dot.com High Traffic Domains Were Taken Years Ago – So What’s Next?

  • Hyphenated Domain Names are clear to the person doing the search on what your website or article is about.
  • If the reader thinks you are the best choice to give the information you have a great chance to get a click.
  • Moreover, hyphenated domains do not get “exact match type in” but they are clearly recognized by Google’s search engine.New York Restaurant Names available
  • If you have better content you can compete and beat other sites with less quality for rankings.
  • Double hyphen domains seem to get similar search results as single hyphenated domain names.
  • In other words, if you do not have the single phrase non-hyphenated dot.com, you are dependent on better content or higher pay per click anyway. Of coarse, all those names were taken years ago.


DomainSearch Results PhraseKeyword NgPriceAvg Cpc Ng
movie--stars.com 13,100,000 [movie stars]$13,000 $0.89
hollywood--stars.com 6,470,000 [hollywood stars]$2,700 $1.42
holly--wood.com 1,940,000 [holly wood]$3,150 $1.39
new--york--restaurants.com 1,710,000 [new york restaurants]$700$1.17
shows-in-new-york.com 674,000 [shows in new york]$500$1.01
nyc--restaurant.com 132,000 [nyc restaurant]$350$1.19
nyc--restaruants.com-[nyc restaruants]$6000
2014localstockbrokers.com-[2014 local stock brokers]$1000