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  • Legal Firms like growth. For a legal firm to grow they need a pipeline of new customers in need of their services now.
  • These domain names are specifically selected to help your landing pages convert for lead generation.Law Firm Marketing best practices
  • By having a relevant domain, your odds are increased by your prospective client gaining the extra instant trust to select you in the one to three seconds they choose between two or three ads in a Google search.
  • Point these domains to some very landings from or and you will be in production fast with little IT time.

What are Hyper-Mobile-Friendly-Domains for Voice Search Landing Pages to counter Local GEO Search?

Many Marketers are Already Using GEO Search Tracking for Mobile Ads

This is new and your company needs get here fast.  Many brick and mortar companies have been using GEO tracking to send ads to mobile phones to “remind” consumer “stop by” while they are in the area to look at the daily special. If you are doing this with success. Keep doing it. However, many companies are also using this SEO/SEM tactic successfully.

How is Hyper-Mobile-Friendly-Domains for Voice Search Landing Pages Different?

More and more consumers are using Voice Search (Suree) instead of typing search terms on their smart phone. The problem is voice recognition is processor intensive and barely fast enough. So the current expert SEO thinking is that 70% of the Google Voice Search algorithm is speed of resolution.  Hence, if you have short domain or one that is close to what they are saying you have a much higher chance of being selected for the first or second winner in the search. Unlike desktop search, in mobile voice search, only the 1st and 2nd choice win. So you have to have a clear name and a fast micro landing page.

Cost Per Click (CPC $) is the true market driven value of a Domain Name

Goggle Sets this price via supply and demand. Cost Per Click for a domain name is driven my market forces. Advertisers bid on the value of a domain name “long tail” phrase to target customers to their specific product or service.

  • This portfolio offer has 16,164,000 Searches per Month per Estibot via Google with an
  • Average CPC$ of $77.66 as of 06/2016 per
  • The highest Cost Per Click (CPC) is $332.43 you would get if someone clicked on an Google AdSence Advertisement on your site in theory. I encourage you to double check these values as they change hourly due to market forces on Google.
  • This is for Google Searches “only”. Many people multiply that search number by 1.3 to include Bing, Yahoo and other search engine traffic. Use your own analysis method for valuation.

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DomainName for your Lead Gen Landing PageAvg Cost Per Click (CPC$) *InvestmentSearch Results Phrase (Per month) **DescriptionAvg Search Volume (exact match search)$332.43$3,500 84,300Huge CPC$ & search89$260.71$2,600 122,000Huge CPC$ & search89
STRUCTURESETTLEMENT.NET$184.21$1,800 386, is $8,300136
SELLYOURSTRUCTUREDSETTLEMENTPAYMENTS.COM$172.88$1,700 13,600Perfect long tail name19
SELLSETTLEMENT.INFO$159.50$1,490 163, is $15,000210
MESOTHELIOMA-SETTLEMENT.COM$143.67$4,500 645,000$16,000 w/o "-" Same $CPC396
MESOTHELIOMACOMPENSATION.INFO$134.38$3,900 512, is $20,000892$122.62$1,900 37,300Industry Credibility Name136$91.77$3,000 132,000Huge CPC$ & search136
SELLMYANNUITYPAYMENTS.NET$89.49$690543,000Huge CPC$ & search136
WHERECANIDONATEMYCAR.COM$88.79$2,200 30,300Huge CPC$ & search112
DONATEUSEDCAR.NET$84.14$470142,000Huge CPC$ & search210
SLIPANDFALLACCIDENTLAWYER.COM$80.00$540250,000Huge CPC$ & search89
AUTOLAWYER.CO$72.01$1,800 156, is $18,000112
PERSONALINJURYCOMPENSATIONLAWYERS.COM$66.07$2,990 676,000$60+ CPC and massive search44
BUY-ANNUITIES.COM$58.62$1,300 65,200$13,000 w/o "-"210
ASBESTOS-LAW.COM$50.25$3,700 367,000$37,000 w/o "-"260
SELLMYSTRUCTUREDSETTLEMENTS.COM$46.98$1,800 640,000Huge CPC$ & massive search44$35.46$14,000 151,000Most expensive on the list892
INTERNETMARKETINGLAWFIRMS.COM$20.08$17046,900Good niche name34
VEHICLEACCIDENT.ORG$18.91$3807,380,000Per Google 7 M searches per mo595
BUSINESSATTORNEYS.CO$8.64$5,000 2,440,000Defining name in Billion $ Niche322
DWILAWS.CO$7.83$570412, is $40,000396
CRASHEDMYCAR.NET$0.11$70495, is $37071
NCCARACCIDENTLAWYER.COM$0.11$180275,000Is this your niche?-
Total CPC$2,329.66 $60,250 16,164,6005,630
Number of domains30
* Number Determined by Google as of 6/2/16
** Per Estibot on 6/2/16
*** No time? We can build your landing page and pop to get the emails address leads for a reasonable extra $.

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