Misc Money Making Domain Names

Here is an assortment of domains that can potentially make you money in your niche as key word landing page domains or the prefect brandable domain for your business or campaign. Contact me ASAP if your are interested or need more info. mike@ClearImageDomainNames.com  704-408-8050.

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DomainSearch Results Phrase/MonthAvg Cost Per Click (per Google)InvestmentAvg Competition                                     
buyleads.co 13,800,000 $12.55$440high
purchaseleads.org 2,820,000 $18.98$370high
datalistbrokers.com 1,480,000 $0.00$1,100low
shithitthefan.biz 716,000 $0.10$125low
shithitthefan.net 716,000 $0.10$125low
businesscertificateprograms.com 326,000 $28.82$600high
shithitsthefan.net 273,000 $0.10$200low
donateusedcar.net 142,000 $82.56$3,900high
hurricanehousing.biz 137,000 $1.55$800low
healthcaremanagementschools.com 83,900 $40.88$2,500high
katrinahousing.com 71,900 $0.10$200low
northcarolinafan.com 62,500 $0.29$400low
blastemailservices.com 23,800 $41.54$3,500medium
lowbalancetransfers.com 11,400 $23.63$5,000high