Insurance domain names

Half-Billion Auto Insurance Google Searches Per Month

Combines the best of several insurance lead generation best practices into a unique tactic

With four years in the making, Clear Image Domain Names is coming out with an Insurance Lead Generation Tactic for National Insurance carriers and National Agencies.

  • This solution combines the best of several insurance lead generation best practices into a micro niche focused unique effective tactic.
  • Our solution insurance leadscombines the best practices of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) for prime and niche insurance keywords, purchased leads, SEO, and content development.
  • This is perfect for voice search (Echo, Alexa, & Siri)
  • This is perfect for mobile search by making it easy for the search bots.

Competitive Advantage in Mining Top-Of-Funnel, Low Hanging Fruit (active searchers before they decide on a brand) from MANY Online Insurance Micro-Niches at Once

  • Our solution combines the best practices of Pay Per Click for prime and niche insurance keywords, purchased leads, SEO, and content development. This tactic increases lead volume, lead quality, and reduces costs. The result is skyrocketing ROI and ROAS guaranteed (in writing).
  • To make this solution happen, just divert a “small” portion of your existing ad agencies PPC monthly budget to this project on a trial basis. Simple.

Estimated Lifetime Gross Profit Value Per Lead of a new Auto, Life, and Umbrella customer

  • As the lifetime gross profit of a new customer value with an auto policy, a life policy, and an umbrella policy approaches $900 (after commissions are paid), the amount advertisers will pay for a lead will keep going up.
  • Marketers are under pressure from sales to keep quality leads flowing into the sales funnels of the sales force.

Existing PPC Insurance Leads

PPC is here to stay.

  • However, insurance marketing online keyword rates (Google and Facebook Pay Per Click – PPC) are climbing due to competitive bidding. I see no reason why these rates will come down as DVRs continue to cut into the ROAS/ROI of TV ads in the billion dollar Auto/property casualty industry. In fact, due to predictable economic forces, they will continue to rise in the next few years.
  • Per above value per lead, PPC rates will always move towards an equilibrium of the domain names for startupslifetime present value of the new customer in terms of gross profit. No matter what metric you are using (ROAS, ROI, Cost Per Conversion,….), it will be going up for conversions and brand awareness. Keep in mind PPC is how Google makes its Billions of dollars a month.
  • The good news is the PPC option is scalable and somewhat simple for large organizations but this insurance lead gen tactic is expensive.
  • Our formula is a little different and partially reduces the Google commissions by applying a new tactic development.

Large Scale Purchased Insurance Leads are Becoming Less Effective

Insurance Lead Brokers (in general – not all) are selling worn out lead lists.

  • If you buy a cheap list, your agents may be one of six sales people to call a given prospect.
  • Shared purchased leads result directly to your sales force complaining about the quality of the leads creating a sales morale issue and negative pressure on your marketing department. Is this happening in your organization?
  • However, if business start up ideasyou are going to pay the non-shared rate, why not just pay the PPC. So now you are paying a broker a commission and covering his/her costs.

Insurance Advertising with Guarantee?

We are so confident in our solution, we guarantee a 40% (or higher) ROI/ROAS. If this solution falls short, you and your firm can cancel. (Restrictions apply.) If your firm has a higher benchmark for a project, we will exceed it. In addition, we guarantee this solution will reduce your conversion costs or you can cancel the agreement. Call for details.

Your Conversion Costs

Our numbers are based on gross profit after commissions.

  • After commissions, are your conversion costs for new customers $40, $80, or $150 per new conversion?
  • Our solution dramatically reduces your new customer conversion costs. Less than $10?, less then $5? Pennies? There are many factors involved but our solution will reduce your conversion costs or you can cancel the agreement. You win or you can cancel. This is a Low-risk and high-return business decision. Again, simple.

How does this work? | What has changed?

  • In short, we have been buying very high traffic with very high CPC $ domain names at auctions for several years. We are up to averaging over 550,000,000 searches per month.
  • We have been acquiring short tail auto and P&C domains with huge traffic ratings and (lazer focused) niche (long-tail) auto insurance domains with high PPC bid value for micro website/landing pages (i.e. – 19,100 searches per month).
  • Niche domains have less traffic but convert better.
  • As you expect, mid-tail domains are in between.
  • Per as of 08/16/17, this list has over 550,000,000 searches on the phrases per month and over 1.2 million exact insurance keyword search matches per month. This non-shared list is offered on a monthly license fee basis.

What has changed?

  1. In 2017, new marketing technology allows you get easily get the email addresses of many people who visit your website with more accuracy
  2. In 2016 and 2017, what makes this work is the cost to:
  • develop (Fiverr, etc)
  • create content (new tools),
  • rank (new tools),
  • and manage (new tools)

these 220 insurance domains is now just pennies on the dollar from two years ago.

For more details or an information packet

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