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domain listHow to Monetize Marijuana business for Web Developers before Nov 7th

Do you have clients interested in jumping into the “Green Gold Rush” if Proposition 64 passes?


Five States are having the vote this November 7th. Do you market in one of these states? Then this post is highly valuable to you and your Web marijuana applicationDevelopment company.

New Marijuana Entrepreneurs have to start somewhere to get ideas and key questions – this is a great place

  • One of the first steps to start is finding a clear Brand Name with a domain name. One that you can build a marketing plan around. You only have 8 seconds or less to convey your meeting or you may miss the click.
  • We have a list of 130 niche brand names with the available domain names to get the ideas flowing.
  • Company Brand Names | Edible Product Names | Organic centric names | Infused Wine Names
  • I just wrote a national article about “Key questions new Marijuana Entrepreneurs need to be thinking about as they start.”
  • If they like one of these names – Great, If not, it is a great place to start.
  • We are offering a Limited Guarantee where your client will get 80% of their money back if the purchase before 10/1/16, IF Proposition 64 does not pass. Their money is kept in escrow until 11/20/16.
  • If they buy one of these premium domains, If you register the client and they purchase a domain name, I will pay a referral fee.
  • Best of all, this helps you bringing true value and new solutions to your client.

Let’s Work Together!

I look forward to working with you on this and other projects. Feel free to call to discuss and opportunities. (I’m on the east coast). 704-408-8050.

Register your clients via email to me before your competitors claim them.*

Include to qualifywine and pot

  • Your Name
  • Your Company Name
  • Your email
  • Your phone number
  • Your website
  • Customer’s business name
  • Customer contact name
  • Customer contact email
  • Customer phone #
  • Do you want me to contact your client or are you going to take the lead?
  • Do you want me to send you the article to give to the client?

Send to:marijuana marketing


The Registration Process

  • Once you have sent me this information, I will send you a confirmation number PER CLIENT for your records.
  • The transactions between me and the client will be done via GoDaddy’s formal domain transfer process or via
  • If they elect to use the Limited Guarantee, I will have to have them and I sign that agreement that I will buy their domain back from them for 80% of their purchase price if Proposition 64 does NOT pass on November 7th, 2016.

What to Send to Your Client

Review this link of the 130 Brand Names with your client to start the ideas flowing. Hopefully, they will fall in love with one of these and you get a referral fee. If not, you have gotten your client thinking and planning.

See the 130 FULL Brand List Here

Limited Money Back Guarantee.edible brands

For the only the five states with recreational marijuana propositions on the November 7th ballot, we are offering a “limited Money back guarantee.” If you purchase one or more of the marijuana-related domain names from Clear Image Domain Names, and Proposition 64 does NOT pass on November the 7th, I will buy back your pre-qualified purchase(s) for 80% of your purchase within a few weeks if you chose to request a buyback. If Proposition 64 passes, it may necessarily not mean infused wine category of products will be approved. Hence, there is still speculation/regulatory risk even after Proposition 64 passes for the infused wine niche. For peace of mind, 80% of your funds will stay in escrow at until 11/20/16. This offer ends on 10/2/16 due to clerical process time issues.


Referral Fee Offer

  • Clients must be registered before the my companies initial contact is made.
  • It is expected that you can prove an existing relationship. Feel free to call me to discuss. I can be flexible, reasonable and fair. The same is expected of you and your associates.
  • Obviously, if your client takes advantage of the guarantee, I cannot pay out your referral fee until the day after 11/20/16,
  • Referral fees start at 10%. If you are more involved in the sale, the referral fee percentage can go up as deemed fair.
  • Fees are paid check or Paypal.
  • If the Proposition fails per the contract and I have buy the domain back, you will still get 10% of the 20% referral fee. Which is fair.