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The Mutual Fund Industry is a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry with a 60% Gross Profit Margin

  • The Mutual Fund Industry is a $Billion Dollar Industry.
  • Use any or all of these domains to generate millions of dollars in gross profits in your call center in extra gross profit from your new small and medium sized customers. Call me to get my “mutual fund company white paper” to see how.available mutual fund domains
  • Use landing page companies like WishPond and WordStream to turn out 50 to 100 quality land pages per week to capture more leads in an industry with a 60% profit margin. Each lead conversion is worth thousands of dollars in Gross Profit.
  • Over 400 Mutual Fund Related Domain Names in one available block for purchase with over 550,000,000 “MONTHLY” searches on phrases on these names per on 09/29/14. We can, and should, get together and do the math to see how this will impact your new sales revenue.
  • This Portfolio has a conservative and “negative beta” focus to help you target motivated investor’s worries about the future. Motivated investors are the investors who are more likely to make a change.
  • I currently own the multi-year Google Keyword top rated site. It ranks the top 95 mutual fund companies each quarter on Assets Under Management.
  • My preference to sell this whole portfolio in one block to a single company.

Mutual Fund Landing Page Call Center White Paper

  • Contact me to set up a time to review my “white paper” with you.
  • Plug in your numbers to my comprehensive investment calculator to see if this investment will work for you. I will commit that any large mutual fund company will be HIGHLY pleased to show your management team my ROI and Net Present Value analysis.
  • If you work with me, my goal is that we both agree for “our” due diligence that your pro forma ROI will be over 150% and have a positive net present value. I will adjust my investment price to exceed your cost of capital by a factor of 10 to make this an easy decision for you and your associates.
  • Many of the domains below are .coms and many are not. The current SEO/SEM thinking in the domain world with all the new top level domains hitting the market every day, a domain is either a .com or it is not a .com. So the phrase is important. Once we do our analysis, you will get appropriate discounts for the names that are not .com. That is only fair.
  • How often to you get so show your manager a 150% ROI over 5 years?

Most every manager I have worked with in 25 years on a major project has either been promoted or retired at a C level. That’s a fact.

Take the chance and call me. Most every customer I have worked with on a large project has been promoted in the past 25 years. That is a fact. Let me do the work and you take the credit is my philosophy.

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