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Perfect Brand Strategy to Multiply a Department Store’s eCommerce or Affiliate Marketing Solution

Leverage Google’s increased focus on getting the right information to the right people fast. Here’s how!

Consider Renting to Reduce Risk and Proof of Concept

  • and the below list of domains will be rented (or sold) as one block to maximize your online marketing branding and long-tail search benefit.
  • Google wants to send their searchers to EXACTLY they are wanting. Per my findings – now they mean it. The best match gets the top ranking on a search. That is why EXACT match domains work again with the new focus on mobile and speed. It gives a long tail search an exact match on mobile and desktop an advantage. If the domain fits, that is now a big enough check mark with Google since speed is so critical with mobile. “Hyper-Mobile Landing Pages.”
  • Leverage this change of direction by Google and beat your competition who are stuck in the old link building tactics. I know. I am currently #1 in the world in the “Mutual Fund Directory” niche as of 3/2/17. My website on the whole page in one set of keywords in Google AND mobile. (Microphone drop!)
  • Month to Month term requires first and last payment up front. And a 30-day notice of cancellation.
  • Contact Mike to customize a financial package for your specific short-term and long-term needs.
DomainSearch Results PhraseSearch Results SldAvg Search Volume NgAvg Competition NgSearch Ads Phrase 56,900,000 16,100 89low- 56,900,000 16,100 89low- 56,900,000 16,100 89low- 56,900,000 16,100 89low- 10,500,000 --low3 4,020,000 484260low4 3,270,000 1-low1 859,000 100,000,000 595high7 859,000 262595high7 704,000 -210high11 704,000 -210high11 696,000 418-low2 696,000 418-low2 492,000 25-low- 416,000 7489high1 328,000 -136low11 328,000 189136low11 87,300 3414low1 43,000 43-low8 29,600 3-low5 29,600 3-low5 21,700 6,100 136high11 20,600 165-low- 19,900 30-low4 19,900 30-low4 18,300 28-low9 10,600 6-low- 9,820 3644high5 6,820 6-low- 6,820 6-low- 6,040 5-low- 6,040 5-low- 4,080 -26low5 4,080 626low5 2,630 22-low3 1,800 --low2
Per Month * 251,822,044 100,073,408 2,833

The Traffic Data

  • The data is from
  • Their data is from Google only. Bing, Yahoo, and other search engine traffic will be a bonus.
  • The data above was from 03/02/17.

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